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Who am I?

I am an English Native Speaker. I have been living and working in Poland for over twenty-nine years. English is my native language and I speak and read Polish very well.

What do I do?

I proofread and correct documents written in English. I also teach people to speak English.

Where do I come from?

I come from England. I was born in London. I grew up in England. I went to school and university in England. I worked in England for over ten years before coming to Poland.

What have I done?

In England, I worked in publishing, advertising and computing. In 1995, I came to Poland and worked for some large Polish companies. For the last twenty-two years, I have been working as an English language proofreader and text corrector as well as a Polish to English translator.

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Contact me for help with your English!

To contact me call me on #501 100 401 or go to my contact page and send me an email or a web message. I will contact you as soon as possible, normally the same day, sometimes the next day.

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